We consider environmental sustainability a key element in our business management.

In all our activities we try to work with sensitivity and attention to ensure the lowest impact on the environment. We implement several practices, including:



Since 2021 Montariolo has ganed the SQNPI certification, an agricultural production system with low environmental impact, as it provides for the coordinated and rational use of all production factors in order to minimize the use of technicians that have an impact on the environment or on the health of consumers.

PRODUCTION OF RENEWABLE ENERGY THROUGH SOLAR PANELS: solar energy is a clean, renewable and inexhaustible source and therefore allows you to think about the future without the fear of running out of fuel.

HAND MADE HARVEST  in Montariolo the harvest is carried out entirely by hand, with a selection of the healthiest bunches to guarantee a higher quality product. The grapes are collected in special baskets and quickly transported to the cellar for subsequent winemaking work.

 RECYCLABLE RAW MATERIALS: on a selection of wines we use BIO selection synthetic corks with zero emissions and 100% recyclable. The caps are made with plant polymers extracted from sugar cane, a 100% renewable source of raw materials. In this way, the absorption of CO2 present in the atmosphere is favored, carbon emissions are reduced and, consequently, it contributes to the fight against climate change.